3 sowing methods for Brazilian Gloxinia

Brazilian Gloxinia has many small flowers, but its seeds are very small, and it can only be obtained through artificial pollination. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you how Brazilian Gloxinia needs artificial pollination and how to carry out it

1、Brazilian gloxinia Seed selection

If we want Brazil Gloxinia to bloom more, we need those imported hybrid varieties with flourishing flowers, short and strong plant type, strong resistance and easy maintenance in seed selection. There are more single petal varieties than single petal varieties.

2、Brazilian gloxinia Seed acquisition

It is difficult for Brazil Gloxinia to self pollinate. In order to obtain good seeds, artificial pollination is necessary.

The pollen of the stamen was collected at the flowering stage of Brazilian Gloxinia and applied to the stigma of the pistil with a brush.

About 35 days after pollination, the seeds will mature, and then they will be dried and stored.

3、Brazilian gloxinia The process of sowing

Before sowing, soak the seed with water for 24 hours to make it germinate in advance.

The best combination of pot soil is the culture soil mixed with rotten leaf soil, vegetable garden soil and fine sand.

After leveling the soil, evenly sprinkle the seeds, soak the pot in shallow water, take it out, cover it with glass, place it in the half shade, and maintain the humidity of 18-20 ℃.

It can germinate in about 10 days, then let Brazilian Gloxinia gradually see the sun, but avoid direct sunlight, spray regularly, keep the humidity, apply a thin cake of fertilizer every 10 days or so, and generally bloom about 6 months later.