Brazilian Gloxinia is an indoor plant that can’t sun

Some friends think that indoor flower plants are really troublesome. They have to move here and there to bask in the sun. Today, Xiaomu will recommend one for you.

It’s — Brazilian gloxinia

It likes to be warm and humid in spring and summer growth period, avoid direct sunlight, keep the temperature around 25 ℃ in summer, and keep dry in winter dormancy period, otherwise the root system is easy to rot.

Watering requirements: watering should not be large, nor should it be poured on the leaf surface, and rainwater should be avoided from entering the pot

Soil requirements: loose, slightly acid soil

In view of avoid direct sunlight, avoid the characteristics of rain, so as an indoor plant is no better.

There is scattered light in the room, and more flowers can bloom in the semi shade.

Mode of reproduction