Brazilian Gloxinia

6 advantages of breeding Brazilian Gloxinia

Wait until Brazilian Gloxinia grows buds, and apply mixed liquid fertilizer every 20 days. In the process of maintaining Brazilian Gloxinia, we need to know that this kind of green plant can only be used for viewing, and has no medicinal value or edible, so not all flowers have those flowery functions.

7 ways to grow and breed Brazilian Gloxinia

In one plant process, a cultivator accidentally found that a young seedling grew into two lateral branches unconsciously (suspected to be caused by pests or external forces at that time), resulting in the simultaneous development of as many as 16 flowers in a very small pot. Therefore, it has been introduced that if it is exposed to the sun without causing leaf burn, it can fully meet its demand for light, promote the plant type to be short and strong, dense nodes, and blossom more.