5 tips for daily cultivation of Calendula


In pot marigold plant, people should pay special attention to light, especially in spring, summer and autumn. Note: in spring, summer and autumn, if pot marigold leaves are cured under direct sunlight, they will turn yellow and fall off, grow very slowly or enter a semi dormant state.

Appreciation of Calendula

In case of rainy and snowy days and insufficient light, the leaves at the base are easy to turn yellow, and even the roots rot and die. Ancient Egyptians believed that pot marigold could slow down aging, while Indians revered it as a sacred flower.

What is the flower language of Calendula?

Especially when the first ray of sunshine shone on the earth, he would cheer and chase, but when night fell and the sun went back to the side of the mountain, he was lonely and sad. Su Shi has a well-known saying: “people have joys and sorrows, the moon has cloudy, sunny and waning, this matter is difficult to complete in ancient times”.

4 nutritional value and efficacy of Calendula

“According to traditional Chinese medicine, Fortunella raw food has the functions of regulating qi, tonifying the middle, relieving depression, dissipating food, dispersing cold, resolving phlegm, sobering up, etc., and can be used to treat chest depression, drunkenness, thirst, dyspepsia, loss of appetite, cough, asthma and other diseases. Fortunella also has anti-inflammatory, expectorant, anti ulcer, helping digestion, lowering blood pressure, enhancing cardiac function and regulating qi and relieving cough, etc.

Introduction to the role of Calendula

Pot marigold is sweet in nature, clear dampness and heat, and can cool fire. Jian Zhongtang health learned that pot marigold is also a powerful herb for external use.

7 tips for growing Calendula

3、 Humidity

It is better for the seedlings of Calendula officinalis to be slightly wet, which is conducive to the growth of stems and leaves, and can improve the cold resistance in winter.

7、 Pest control

If Calendula officinalis is growd indoors, it often causes Fusarium Wilt and downy mildew because of poor ventilation and high humidity.

8 tips for Calendula breeding

Most of the pests of pot marigold are red spiders and aphids, which are easy to be damaged in early spring flowering stage, and can be sprayed with 1000 times of 40% Omethoate EC. Yo ~ I don’t know if the lyrics “little yellow flowers of the story, floating from the year of birth” in Dong Zhou’s song “sunny day”, refer to the lovely pot marigold!

2 tips for Calendula maintenance

But the winter temperature is low, do not put outdoors for a long time, in order to prevent freezing damage. With the increase of temperature in summer, the stems and leaves grow vigorously, the flowers become smaller and the petals decrease significantly.

The appreciation and plant of Calendula

The whole plant is about 20-75 cm in height, usually branched from the stem base, green or more or less glandular pilose; leaves alternate, oblong obovate or spatulate; the capitulum is solitary, the flower diameter is about 5 cm, the involucre is 1-2 layers, lanceolate or oblong lanceolate, the outer layer is slightly longer than the inner layer, the tip is acuminate, there are yellow, orange, orange, orange red, white and other colors, and there are double petals, rolled petals and green heart, It has dark purple flower center and other growd varieties; the capsule is all curved, light yellow or light brown; the flowering period is from April to September, and the fruit period is from June to October. Most of the pests of pot marigold are red spiders and aphids, which are easy to be damaged in early spring flowering stage, and can be sprayed with 1000 times of 40% Omethoate EC.