Christ plant

7 tips for growing Christ plant

The number of items needed for the breeding of Christ plant is some basic maintenance measures, including soil, water and fertilizer, light, pruning, pest, etc. Therefore, in the daily maintenance, we have to take good care of it to ensure that its ornamental effect is not damaged, so as to let beautiful it play the role of decorating our room.

Ways to make Christ plant bloom

If the soil keeps sufficient water for a long time, coupled with insufficient light, it is likely that Christ plant will only grow leaves without flowering. In addition to the high temperature and proper shading in summer, sufficient light should be given in other seasons, otherwise, Christ plant will only grow leaves and not bloom.

4 tips for growing Christ plant

In addition, some crushed nut shells are buried in the bottom of the flowerpot, which is conducive to drainage and can also provide nutrition for our potted plants. Therefore, we should remove the flowers in time after they bloom and fail, so as to ensure that the value of Christ plant bonsai will not be damaged within the scope of our ability.

How to cut Christ plant

You can learn it in 2 minutes to improve the survival rate easily Can’t cut the crown of thorns, the small gardener teaches you how to operate, learn in 2 minutes, easily improve the survival rate Tie Begonia is what we call tiger thorn plum. Its main breeding method is through many flower friends who can’t operate cuttings.

Ways to conserve Christ plant in autumn

After pruning, put it in a cool and ventilated place and let it dry for 2-3 days before cutting Clivia miniata is difficult to blossom. If you learn these skills, you will bloom constantly In this way, the owner of the succulent shed nurtured the “small waterfall” easily Florist Kalanchoe don’t throw away the flowers after blooming, three steps to deal with the old piles Aloe juice can not only beautify but also make the plant old Do you remember the bunch of flowers that song Huiqiao got married with?

7 tips for making Christ plant bloom

The plant type is plump and dense, the stem has tough spines, and the safflower is put on the top.

It’s a must for flower lovers

Born in Africa, Christ plant is suitable for warm, humid, well ventilated and sunny environment.

Introduction of common varieties of Christ plant

In morphology, it inherited the robust expression of Christ plant, with more dense spines and large and dark leaves. The stems and leaves are thinner and softer than the original species, and the Yellow bracts are smaller.

5 tips for growing Christ plant

If the pot soil is too wet for a long time, it will not only cause rotten roots, but also endanger the survival of the plant. …………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………. For more knowledge of green plant conservation, please search the official account at WeChat: straw magpie net.

7 tips for growing Christ plant

The small flowers of Christ plant are not as brilliant as Rhododendron, nor as gorgeous and rich as tree peony. Habits: Christ plant likes warm, humid and sunny environment.

Method for propagating Christ plant by cutting

When pruning the branches of Christ plant, it is necessary to wear thick gloves to protect fingers from being stabbed. The curing position of Christ plant should have sufficient light so that it can keep blooming all year round.