Christmastree Plant

4 tips and cultivation methods for Christmastree Plant

During the Spring Festival, it is growd in a small purple sand pot and placed on the window sill or tea table, which can not only observe the leaves but also enjoy the flowers. Avoid strong sunlight at noon, use sunshade net to cover 40% of the light, and try to put it under the fluorescent lamp at night, so that it can continue to bloom in summer.

4 tips for reproduction and conservation of Christmastree Plant

Control water and apply more phosphorus and potassium fertilizer As Florist Kalanchoe belongs to succulent plant, so long as the soil is slightly moist, it can be seen that it is dry and wet. At least four hours of light are guaranteed every day, and the changing pot is rotated every half a month to make the plant more plump.

Christmastree Plant plant introduction and breeding technology

Interesting butterfly lotus like warm and dry environment, drought tolerance, half shade, avoid low temperature and waterlogging.

Jin Jingtian

After insufficient illumination or being watered, the golden color of leaves will become lighter, and the original luster can be restored gradually after receiving light.

2 tips for conservation and reproduction of Christmastree Plant

The strong and full leaves were cut off from the petiole, and then they were inserted obliquely or laid flat on the sand bed after the incision was slightly dry.

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After potted, it grew vigorously in a slightly humid environment, and the light red gas was continuously produced among the internodes for rooting.

2 tips for cultivating Christmas plant

Alias: Christmas Florist Kalanchoe, shouxinghua, Christmas christmastree plant, originated in southern Africa, is now growd everywhere, florist Kalanchoe plant is small and exquisite, green leaves, long flowering period, rich colors, its overall ornamental effect is excellent, can be used for potted window sill, hall, can also be used to decorate flower beds in public places. Can also be used for leaf cutting, the robust and full leaves from the petiole, after the incision is slightly dry, oblique inserted in the sand bed, watering moisture, after rooting can be transplanted.

Christmastree Plant maintenance tips

The whole pot is empty A few days ago, a flower friend asked floret, can recognize Christmas and blue vegetables. Low temperature will not only delay the flowering period, but also frostbite the branches and leaves, and even make the plants lose activity.

Christmastree Plant breeding techniques and common sense

In spring, summer and autumn, it is planted in the open field as border material, and the flowers will bloom from December to April of the following year. If the fertilizer was stopped at high temperature in summer, potassium dihydrogen phosphate could be applied 1-2 times after the flower bud formed in November.

A combination of Christmastree Plant from various countries

Leaves opposite, leaves densely green, oblong spatulate or elliptic, 4-8 cm long, 2-6 cm wide, fleshy, upper leaf margin with undulate obtuse teeth, lower entire, bright green, glossy, leaf edge slightly reddish. Due to the common name of “longevity”, a pot of florist Kalanchoe is presented to relatives and friends during the festival, which is very suitable and pleasing.

Introduction and Appreciation of Two Christmastree Plant

Pearl on palm

Families and genera: Crassulaceae / christmastree plant; season: spring and autumn; species propagation: cuttings and ramets It belongs to christmastree plant, which is native to Madagascar in southeast Africa.

Fairy Dance

Families and genera: Crassulaceae / christmastree plant; season: spring and autumn; species propagation: cuttings and ramets Rhizome erect, cylindrical, smooth, glabrous, with white powder, hollow stem.