Forget me not

Introduction of Forget-me-not planting

The distance of each Myosotis was 3 ~ 4cm, and the suitable planting depth was slightly higher than the root neck. During the maintenance period, the soil moisture of Myosotis should be maintained, but no water should be accumulated at the root.

7 tips for Forget-me-not cultivation


After disinfection and sieving, large particles are laid on the lower layer, about 4-5cm thick, and the upper fine soil is about 4-5cm. For more flower culture experience, fleshy plant and bonsai appreciation, please visit Huayou micro community: Or, pay attention to the official account of micro signals: huaucn, join WeChat group, please add WeChat private number: wwwhuaucn.

5 ways to Forget me not

Some mulch can be laid on the soil surface (optional), which can simulate the natural germination environment. In order to ensure the growth of Myosotis well, it is necessary to cut off the withered flowers and branches in time, and do not let them remain in the flowerpot.

6 tips for Forget me not seedlings

The three-step flower raising method can help you Myosotis is is a kind of grass plant, which is widely growd in Europe, India, Russia, Jiangsu, Sichuan, Yunnan and Northeast China. The temperature of 7 ℃ – 13 ℃ should be maintained from January, and the thermal insulation device should be removed in time to keep the environment ventilated.

5 tips for growing Forget-me-not

It can be mixed with sapropelic soil, peat and perlite in the ratio of 1:1:1, and proper amount of sand blasting is added to the base fertilizer. Harvesting: after the first flowering of Myosotis (Limonium), the old dead branches should be pruned in time to promote the germination of new buds.

6 tips for growing Forget-me-not

The amount of water should be properly controlled in the whole growth period, otherwise it will lead to the decline of flowering quality and yield. For such a beautiful flower of Myosotis, we must grasp a good degree in the watering process

Introduction of Propagation Methods of Forget-me-not

If you want to produce some high-quality Myosotis, you usually fix the flower branches with Drawnet, that is, before planting the moss, use nylon mesh of selected size to set up a layer of grid structure at a suitable distance from the ground, and then set up the second layer of network frame after the plant Shu grows the scape. Moreover, in the growth period, appropriate pruning and shaping can be used to trim the thinner branches, which can reduce the waste of nutrients and give nutrients to flowering branches; it can also improve the ventilation and light transmission conditions of Myosotis planting trees.

Forget-me-not flowers in different colors

Herbs perennial, stem erect, 20-45 cm high, basal leaves and stem leaves petiolate, narrowly oblanceolate, oblong lanceolate or linear lanceolate, inflorescence short in florescence, elongated after anthesis, corolla blue, nutlet ovate, dark brown, smooth, glossy. The reason why people gave it such a poetic name as “Myosotis” stems from such a beautiful legend: there was a knight in ancient Europe who took his lover to the seaside for sightseeing.

Potted Forget-me-not planting methods and precautions

However, we should give priority to the fertile, loose and well drained [slightly alkaline] soil for the maintenance of Myosotis. For wood forge me not breeding, it is necessary to take heat preservation measures for Myosotis to control it at 15 ~ 20 ℃.