3 tips for maintaining Fuchsia in winter

When it is in full bloom, clusters of bright flowers are hung upside down, like a hanging colored chandelier or a string of wind chimes. It is easy to burst the pot when it blooms, and it grows faster and has more flowering times, which will consume a lot of nutrients.

4 tips for cutting upside down Fuchsia

I’ll tell you how to do it Hardy Fuchsia, also known as lantern flower, is widely growd in China, especially in the north, northwest and southwest plateau greenhouse. Potted plants are suitable for guest rooms, flower racks, desk ornaments, and vase with water.

6 tips for curing Fuchsia

Under the condition of sufficient organic fertilizer in the pot soil and under the premise of temperature higher than 20 ℃, the normal nutrient requirements of Hardy Fuchsia flower can be met by spraying leaves with potassium dihydrogen phosphate and water every 15 days. Therefore, in low altitude and hot areas, if you want to grow hardy Fuchsia flower for a long time, you must create the best temperature suitable for its growth, so as to keep it well!

5 tips for raising the Fuchsia bell in winter

If it is placed on the balcony with sufficient light in the South and East, and pay attention to ventilation, hardy Fuchsia can continue to grow and bloom. Because the temperature in winter in South China is generally higher than zero degree centigrade, hardy Fuchsia has no problem in overwintering.

7 tips for raising the Fuchsia at home

It blooms and explodes every year Hardy Fuchsia has been used as a potted plant for indoor viewing because of its special flower shape. But in the hot summer, it is necessary to shade hardy Fuchsia in time to avoid strong sunlight, sunburn the leaves of flowers and trees, and affect the growth.

3 tips for topping upside down Fuchsia

The flowering period of Hardy Fuchsia could also be prolonged by picking the seeds several times. Generally, hardy Fuchsia will begin to pick the heart at the seedling stage.

Daily maintenance technology of Fuchsia

It is difficult to spend the summer in the south, so it is necessary to put it in the indoor air-conditioning or shade place, and spray water on the leaves to cool down properly. Watering see dry see wet, plum rain season need to be placed indoors to avoid root rot death.

Introduction to the daily maintenance of Fuchsia

When selecting the soil, we should choose the sandy loam with rich and loose drainage and air permeability. That is because the summer temperature is relatively high, should pay attention to the appropriate shade, so after exposure to the sun, it will lead to wilt, serious death.

The daily maintenance skills of Fuchsia

When cutting, select the strong growing branches, each section has 2-3 stem nodes, keep the top pair of leaves, insert into the plant soil, water, put in the half shade waiting for rooting. In spring and autumn, hardy Fuchsia should be toppled and pinched to promote its branches, make the plant plump and increase the amount of flowering.

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In fact, no matter in winter or summer, watering should be determined according to the dry and wet conditions of the pot soil. Over drying will cause branches and flowers to droop and hinder growth; excessive humidity will cause rotten roots and fallen leaves.