5 tips for raising the Fuchsia bell in winter

Hardy Fuchsia is colorful and looks like a colorful lantern hanging from a distance, so it is favored by many families. However, it is a kind of delicate flowers and plants, which should be taken care of during plant, especially in the winter when the environment is bad. So let’s talk about hardy Fuchsia’s winter maintenance.

1.Can flowers bloom in winter

If it is in a room with heating equipment, the room temperature is controlled at 15 ~ 20 ℃ in winter, thin fertilizer water is applied every half a month, and the pot soil is often kept moist. If it is placed on the balcony with sufficient light in the South and East, and pay attention to ventilation, hardy Fuchsia can continue to grow and bloom. On the contrary, hardy Fuchsia can sleep normally and live through the winter safely when the room temperature is controlled above 5 ℃ by putting hardy Fuchsia in the room with sufficient illumination and ventilation.

2.Control temperature

Hardy Fuchsia is easy to be damaged by freezing when the temperature is lower than 5 ℃ in winter. Because the temperature in winter in South China is generally higher than zero degree centigrade, hardy Fuchsia has no problem in overwintering. It only withers and goes into dormancy. The best way to deal with it is to put it in indoor lighting before November.

In northern winter, the temperature is generally lower than zero centigrade, so in order to make hardy Fuchsia spend the winter safely, we must put hardy Fuchsia indoors. However, we should also pay attention to one problem, because there is heating in the north. When breeding, the flowerpots should not contact the ground directly. If the ground temperature is too high, it will also affect the winter of plants.

3.Control lighting

Although hardy Fuchsia doesn’t like too much light, it can’t be short of sunlight. If hardy Fuchsia lacks sunlight, the color of flowers will become lighter, the flowers will become smaller and even wither. Therefore, hardy Fuchsia can be placed on the balcony. Only under the proper light can hardy Fuchsia produce beautiful flowers with bright colors and normal size.

Even in winter, hardy Fuchsia also needs a proper amount of light. Generally, the light in winter can be maintained at four hours a day. If the light is excessive, the plant may end the dormancy period ahead of time, which is unfavorable to its growth. If the light is too small, the plant is easy to get sick and die in serious cases.

4.Increase humidity

Hardy Fuchsia requires high humidity in the maintenance environment. If you want to keep it well, the humidity in the air should reach about 60%. The temperature in winter is very dry, especially in the home of flower friends who will turn on heating or air conditioning in winter. The air humidity is obviously not in line with the growth habits of the plant. It is necessary to spray water mist around it to increase humidity every day. If it is a room with heating, it is better to put air humidifier, which is beneficial to its growth.

And in winter, it can’t be watered in the same way as before. It should be watered when the soil is dry, and there is no need for watering if the soil is dry.


Hardy Fuchsia should be pruned in time for the sake of more beautiful plant type and promoting lateral branches to increase the amount of flowers. After the flower should be picked in time, so as not to waste nutrition.