7 tips for raising the Fuchsia at home

Hardy Fuchsia has been used as a potted plant for indoor viewing because of its special flower shape. Its flowers are like a small gold clock hanging one by one, and the color is delicate and charming, which is deeply loved by people. Hardy Fuchsia is also very easy to live. The cut branches can be soaked in water to take root and be planted. But there are many mistakes in raising hardy fuchsia. Let’s take a look at it.

1. Illumination

Although hardy Fuchsia likes shade, it still needs to give sufficient sunshine in spring and winter, and it is better to put it in semi cloudy place in early summer and early autumn. But in the hot summer, it is necessary to shade hardy Fuchsia in time to avoid strong sunlight, sunburn the leaves of flowers and trees, and affect the growth.

2. Location

Secondly, good ventilation is also a necessary condition for hardy Fuchsia’s growth, and it is also important to choose a ventilated and ventilated place for hardy fuchsia. Good ventilation is conducive to better respiratory growth of Hardy fuchsia. In addition, in the process of maintenance, we should often change the orientation of the plant, so that the whole plant column can be evenly illuminated, so as to avoid the long-term position unchanged, resulting in uneven illumination, affecting the growth and overall shape of Hardy fuchsia.

3. Watering

Hardy Fuchsia watering also varies with season and climate. Especially in summer, the climate is hot and dry, not only to pour enough water, but also to spray or sprinkle water on the leaves to keep the air around the plants moist. When the temperature becomes cold in autumn and winter, it is necessary to control the watering time and keep the pot soil half wet and half dry.

4. Soil

The pot soil of Hardy Fuchsia should be loose soil, fertile soil and good drainage. Generally, humus soil and sand soil are mixed and appropriate amount of organic fertilizer is added. In addition, because hardy Fuchsia has developed roots, it is necessary to pay attention to changing pot in time. Generally, a larger flowerpot will be replaced once a year or so, and a new pot soil with fertile soil should also be replaced.

5. Fertilization

Because hardy Fuchsia grows fast, blooms luxuriantly and frequently, timely fertilization is also the maintenance of Hardy fuchsia

It’s an important job. In the growth period and flowering period, fertilizer should be applied once every 7-10 days. According to the principle of thin fertilizer application frequently, some thin compound fertilizer solution or cake fertilizer should be added each time. Before fertilization, we must loosen the soil to ensure that the roots can better absorb nutrients.

6. Pruning

Pruning hardy Fuchsia is also a very important work, and we should give it a timely topping every spring. It can promote hardy Fuchsia to germinate more new branches, flourish branches and leaves, and blossom more. However, pruning should be stopped about 20 before flowering, so as not to affect flowering.

7. Plant

Hardy Fuchsia usually grows new seedlings in spring and autumn. Generally, hydroponics is a relatively simple method. Cut a section of branch about 5cm. After the branch wound is dried for one day, soak the branch in the water and take root in about 10 days. Then it can be planted in the flowerpot.