Daily maintenance technology of Fuchsia

Hardy Fuchsia is very popular with flower lovers because it looks like a lantern. However, many flower lovers don’t know how to raise hardy fuchsia. Let’s share hardy Fuchsia’s plant experience with flower friends for reference only.

Hardy Fuchsia likes to be cool, and the suitable temperature is 15 ℃ – 25 ℃. It is not easy to spend summer and winter in most areas of China. It is difficult to spend the summer in the south, so it is necessary to put it in the indoor air-conditioning or shade place, and spray water on the leaves to cool down properly. In winter, the temperature in South China will not be lower than 0 ℃, and the problem of overwintering is not big, but leaves will drop and dormant. It is convenient to spend the summer in Northeast China, but it is necessary to do a good job of heat preservation in winter and put it in a warm place with good indoor lighting. It grows slowly when the temperature is above 30 ℃ in summer, and it can wither and die in large quantities when the temperature is above 35 ℃.

Hardy Fuchsia likes to be wet. The air humidity should be increased for daily maintenance. The water can be sprayed on the leaves in the morning and evening for any number of times. Watering see dry see wet, plum rain season need to be placed indoors to avoid root rot death.

Hardy Fuchsia is afraid of strong light, but it can’t lack sunlight, otherwise it will grow too long, and it will cause the color of flowers to fade, the flowers will become smaller and even the buds will drop. Only under the right light can the flowers be colorful. Light should be combined with temperature and humidity, so indoor maintenance should be selected in hot summer.

Organic fertilizer and slow-release fertilizer can be selected as base fertilizer, and thin fertilizer is about once every 15 days. The results showed that the combination of foliar spraying and root irrigation was the best. Compound fertilizer was applied after anthesis to promote the growth of new branches and flower bud differentiation, so as to prepare for the next flowering period. When the weather is too hot or cold, fertilization is not necessary to avoid the damage of overgrowth. In the growing pot, organic fertilizer can be added as base fertilizer, and 1 ‰ urea can be sprayed as foliar fertilizer for seven days during the growing period to promote the growth of seedlings.

Hardy Fuchsia plant type can be divided into vertical type and vertical type. Combining pruning can promote plant plumpness and flower bud differentiation. The hanging hardy Fuchsia only needs topping after flowering. If the branch is too long, it can be cut again according to personal preference, about 1 / 3 can be cut off.