Gardenia planting method and propagation

When changing pot, the old roots should be pruned in time, half of the soil should be replaced, the water should be poured, and placed in the shade for a week, and the new buds should be moved to the sun. This method can not only obtain a large number of seedlings, but also can blossom and bear fruit early, and maintain the excellent characteristics of the female parent.

Introduction to Gardenia Maintenance

In addition to the direct sunlight at noon in midsummer, the rest of the time should see more sunshine to promote the germination of flower buds.

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Introduction of Gardenia Varieties

The flowers are small, solitary in leaf axil or shoot top, white, double petal, fragrant.

Jade Nelumbo nucifera

The flowers are large and double petalled, 7-8cm in diameter, and are widely growd in the courtyard.

Treatment methods for various diseases of Gardenia

We can imagine why Gardenia jasminoides in the flower market, which were originally water-saving, would wither their heads and droop their brains in one day when they were taken home, and the yellow leaves fell off. In addition to watering well, we also need to make our home more ventilated, open windows at noon every day to let the air circulate, which is good not only for Gardenia jasminoides, but also for people!

Tips for picking Gardenias

Before that, a lot of friends were asking Gardenia questions, such as yellow leaves, falling flower buds and so on. At present, many Gardenia are growd with yellow soil, which is particularly easy to harden when it is potted at home.

Introduction and characteristics of Gardenia

However, the soil in northern China is relatively high in salinity and alkaline, which is not suitable for the growth of gardenia, which will make the plant yellow and affect the flowering. Search “ichong123” in wechat public account to follow us, and enter the word “quilt” to get the answer

5 tips for growing Gardenias

However, due to the differences in climate conditions between the north and the south, if you want to raise Gardenia in the north, you need to work hard on the soil, temperature, light, fertilization and watering, so that gardenia will not be raised and the fragrance of the flowers will float for ten miles. In the indoor maintenance, it is necessary to open windows in time to avoid too hot and dry, which is conducive to its growth and flowering.

4 tips for growing Gardenias

In addition, gardenia doesn’t like to be too close to other plants in order to avoid the root competing for nutrients. Gardenia will enter a short period of stagnation after flowering, so it can be fertilized in spring and summer, and not after autumn.

3 tips to make Gardenia bloom more

When the branches are too tight, the leaves can not fully carry out photosynthesis, but consume nutrients, which also leads to Gardenia not flowering. In addition, Gardenia jasminoides is a semi negative flower, temporarily placed in the room can not see sunlight for a long time, unable to carry out photosynthesis, the leaves will be yellow.

5 factors affecting the flowering of Gardenias

It’s not only love, plain, lasting, warm, free from vulgarity, it contains beautiful, tough, mellow nature of life. High salt and alkali content in soil will cause yellowing of plants, which will eventually affect flowering.