Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy, as known as Transvaal daisy, is a genus of plants in the Asteraceae. Gerbera Daisy is native to tropical regions of South America, Africa, and Asia.

Appreciation of Gerbera Daisy beauty, fragrant and elegant

Direct attack on Gerbera Daisy, fragrant and elegant Gerbera Daisy, also known as sunflower, chimpanzee, sunflower, etc., has bright red, orange red, light red, yellow and other colors. It is the most popular flower in spring and autumn Gerbera daisylanguage of flowers is a symbol of mystery, mutual respect and love, perseverance and fearlessness

Plant Atlas: beautiful Gerbera Daisy

The plant height is 30-45cm, the rhizome is short, surrounded by the remaining petioles, most of the leaves are basal, pinnate and lobed. Like warm winter and cool summer, air circulation, sunny environment, not cold, avoid hot.

Do you know if Gerbera Daisy can go to formaldehyde?

The whole plant is hairy, most of the leaves are basal, pinnate and lobed, the head inflorescence is solitary, 20-40cm higher than the leaf surface, the flower diameter is 10-12cm, the involucre is disc-shaped, bell shaped, and the ligulate petals are 1-2 or multiple rounds of double petals. It is listed as the world’s best-selling “four cut flowers” with China rose, Tang calamus and Xiang Indian Pink.

Tell you about the pot culture of Gerbera Daisy

Gerbera Daisy is perfect for giving to others and can be used in many situations Gerbera daisy’s language of flowers is: always happy, a symbol of mystery, mutual respect and love, perseverance, not afraid of hardship, like to pursue a rich life. Like warm winter and cool summer, air circulation, sunny environment, not cold, avoid hot.

Teach you to plant Gerbera Daisy at home

How to plant Gerbera Daisy at home and learn how to watch it

[alias] fulanghua, breviscapus, Millenium

[morphological characteristics] a perennial herb of the genus dactylum in Compositae. In other greenhouse plant with poor ventilation, scale insects often occur and should be removed in time [purification function] Gerbera Daisy has a very strong ability to purify air.

It is better to raise Gerbera Daisy in summer

And Gerbera Daisy is also easy to feed, because of its strong reproductive capacity, it is also listed as an alien invasive species in Guangdong. Nitrogen fertilizer can promote leaf development and plant growth, while phosphorus and potassium can help flowers grow.

8 measures to control pests with Gerbera Daisy

Pull out the susceptible plants in time and take them out of the shed for deep burial or burning, and spread hydrated lime powder on the sick points for disinfection. Control of major diseases and insect pests

8.1 main diseases and control

Grey mould

In winter, it is easy to get sick in the environment of low temperature and high humidity, and the damaged petals can be seen with water soaked spots, and then expand continuously, which eventually causes petals to wither and die.

8 issues to be aware of when planting Gerbera Daisy

The land for planting Gerbera Daisy needs to be turned over more than 30 cm deep, and 2-3 tons of rotten manure should be applied per mu. If it has entered the high temperature period in summer or the low temperature period in winter, it is mainly to protect the roots and promote the strength, appropriately control the watering, control the nitrogen fertilizer, increase the application of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, timely remove the old leaves, and properly shade in summer when the light is too strong.