The correct breeding method of Goldfish

Many people raise it at home just to see its flowers like small fish. In summer, goldfish is not afraid of heat, but in winter, we must do a good job in keeping warm.

5 tips for growing Goldfish flowers

Daily management needs to be done as follows: move to the outdoor appropriately in spring to prevent plant weakness caused by overgrowth and affect the viewing; do not use too much direct sunlight in summer; pay attention to sufficient watering and proper fertilization during growth; move to outdoor frequently in autumn to promote flower bud formation, and it is better to water slightly dry; keep indoor temperature above 10 ℃ in winter. If you don’t have time to take care of it, you can put the flowerpot in a shallow pot filled with water, which can effectively ensure a small range of environmental humidity.

4 tips for conserving Goldfish flowers

Goldfish spider plant has a large number of capillary roots, thick leaves and strong drought tolerance, so the pot soil is generally not dry and not watered. We often use potassium dihydrogen phosphate or huaduo No.2, a gram of fertilizer mixed with 1000 times water, and irrigate the goldfish spider plant with leaves every half a month or so, which can promote the bud and blossom.

4 tips for potted Goldfish flower reproduction and pest control

Botanical characteristics

Goldfish Flower stems are climbing and creeping, the branches are slender and drooping, densely covered with brown hairs; the internodes are short, with roots and opposite leaflets on them, oval, fleshy, arranged neatly and compactly, with a length of 1.5-2CM. In summer, it is required to build a sunshade or put it on the North window sill to avoid direct sunlight for several hours around noon.

Introduction of Goldfish Flower Language

In addition, it is necessary to keep the pot soil completely wet in the vigorous growth period, reduce the watering frequency appropriately in winter dormancy period, and then pour the pot soil after the surface is dry Fertilization: apply diluted and thin compound fertilizer once a month, and apply phosphorus and potassium fertilizer once every half a month in the first two months of flowering period (1 yuan for a small bag of a treasure, which can be used for almost one year) Propagation method: cutting method should be carried out in spring and autumn. The survival rate is very high when the temperature is about 20 ℃ This issue of IKEA bonsai introduced this amount, if you like it quickly, you can plant it yourself.

Goldfish flower summer maintenance skills

When our goldfish spider plant is in the environment with high sunlight intensity, the problem of leaves falling off will also occur. Therefore, to sum up, in summer, goldfish spider plant breeding needs to avoid direct sunlight, and it needs to be kept in a cool and well ventilated place when the temperature is high.

Goldfish flower breeding method

Summer high temperature season, it is best to put the flowerpot in the shallow dish containing water. In addition to sufficient sunshine in winter, goldfish spider plant should have more shade in other seasons.

3 tips for pruning Goldfish

Usually in order to maintain environmental humidity, can often spray water around the pot, but to avoid wetting the leaves. In the eighth dormancy period, the amount of water should be controlled and kept dry until the bud appears.

4 tips for conserving Goldfish flowers

Improper watering

Goldfish like cold, dry environment, winter has a short period of dormancy, wake up after flowering. If there is no circulating air in the breeding environment, the leaves will gradually wilt and turn yellow, and the normal growth will be inhibited.

6 tips for conserving Goldfish flowers in winter

In spring, summer and autumn, we should spray water on the ground around the goldfish spider plant to increase the humidity of the air. This situation is generally in late spring, summer and early autumn season is more common, at this time the temperature is high, the light is also very strong, if you do not pay attention to shade will cause the leaves yellow off.