3 tips for pruning Goldfish

Goldfish Flower is also known as goldfish spider plant, which means full of gold and jade. It is a kind of perennial evergreen herb. When it blooms, its branches are covered with red flowers, just like an active little goldfish floating in the green aquatic plants of Welsh onion, so it is named “Goldfish Flower”. Goldfish has dense branches and leaves, peculiar flower color and bright flower color, which is very beautiful. It is an ideal ornamental plant.


Family maintenance should be placed in a place with bright scattered light, but in summer should be placed in a cool and ventilated place.

2.Key points of planting and maintenance

① Temperature: 18-22 ℃ for growth and 14-16 ℃ for dormancy. Avoid low temperature and high temperature. Leaves will fall off when the temperature is below 10 ℃ in winter or more than 30 ℃ in summer.

② Air humidity: goldfish is an epiphytic plant, like warm and high humidity environment. Usually in order to maintain environmental humidity, can often spray water around the pot, but to avoid wetting the leaves.

Changing pot: the growth of goldfish spider plant was faster, and the nutrient consumption of pot soil was faster. Generally, change the pot every other year, which can be carried out after flowering.

④ Requirements of pot soil: the pot soil is mixed with peat soil, garden soil, river sand and perlite, and a small amount of bone meal or cake fertilizer powder is added as base fertilizer.

⑤ Light: Goldfish like bright light, half shade resistance, growing season in indoor scattered light, after bud to move to a more adequate light near the south window.

⑥ Fertilization: the requirement of fertilizer and water for Goldfish Flower is not much. In spring and autumn, the thin organic fertilizer can be applied once every half a month. Some phosphate fertilizer should be added before budding.

Water: when the goldfish flower grows vigorously, it is necessary to keep the pot soil moist. In the eighth dormancy period, the amount of water should be controlled and kept dry until the bud appears. After the bud appears, the amount of water can be increased appropriately.


Goldfish Flower is more resistant to pruning. It should be pruned in time after flowering to remove the residual flowers and dead branches, and cut off the branches. This can make the plant more dry, lower the whole plant, the next year can be more prosperous.