The solution to the dead branches and leaves of Honeysuckle

Japanese Honeysuckle grows very fast, so we can prune it in a year, and put it in a sunny place, which can help it survive the winter. If its branches wither, these functions will be reduced to a certain extent for us, so we don’t need to worry, as long as you use these four steps of small editor to solve the problem easily.

Solutions to the yellowing of potted Honeysuckle leaves

Now, many friends have the phenomenon of withered leaves when breeding Japanese Honeysuckle potted plants, so they also feel a special headache. Maintenance of Japanese Honeysuckle potted plants, leaves dry phenomenon, how to solve, to understand?

8 tips for pruning Honeysuckle

Reasonable pruning can increase the flower bud of Japanese Honeysuckle and make the shape more beautiful. The easiest way to make the plant form a tree is to cut off the new shoots on the trunk, roots and diseased branches.

4 tips for maintaining Honeysuckle

It’s not difficult to raise a Japanese Honeysuckle, just do these things well Japanese Honeysuckle has beautiful plant shape, wide leaves, bright green leaves and beautiful flowers. Pine needle rot leaf soil, garden soil and appropriate amount of river sand are mixed evenly to grow Japanese Honeysuckle, which can effectively promote the growth of Japanese honeysuckle.

Tips for maintaining Honeysuckle

It can open two-color flowers and drink in water Now more and more friends like to keep some strange plants at home. When the Japanese Honeysuckle blooms, it can be picked and dried in the sun and can be used to soak in water.

4 tips for growing bonsai Honeysuckle

On the one hand, when Japanese Honeysuckle sprouts and turns green in early spring, the winter cut flower branches should be rechecked and trimmed again.

3、 Precautions

No matter what kind of pruning method, the cutting should be vertical to the branch without leaving slope, so as to achieve the principle of no injury to the trunk and bud.

4 tips for growing potted Honeysuckle

Simple 4 steps, easy to grow Japanese Honeysuckle is a kind of deciduous plant or semi evergreen vine. When potted Japanese Honeysuckle, if you want it to grow healthily and vigorously, with luxuriant branches and leaves, more and more bright flowers and rich fragrance, you need to do a good job in daily maintenance.

Tips for growing potted Honeysuckle

If you are still worried that the Japanese Honeysuckle will be frostbitten, we can choose the method of covering with soil to prevent freezing.

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Conclusion: Japanese Honeysuckle is not only good-looking, but also has some medicinal value, so many flower lovers will choose potted plant at home.

3 tips for more Honeysuckle blooming

Japanese Honeysuckle can be soaked in water and has good heat clearing and detoxification effect, antibacterial and antiviral. Today, Huaer valley would like to share with you the common reasons why Japanese Honeysuckle does not bloom and how to solve it!

4 solutions for Honeysuckle not blooming

Japanese Honeysuckle is a kind of common Chinese herbal medicine, which has the functions of clearing away heat, detoxifying, antibacterial and antiviral. Suggestion: it is very important to provide a good ventilation environment for Japanese Honeysuckle potted plants.