Methods of breeding Hosta

The flowers look like the modern man’s fragrant plant lily, and the patterns are usually red or purple. If you can spread Arabian coffee residue, egg shells and pine needles evenly around, you can stop these slugs from disturbing.

6 tips for growing potted Hosta

The compound fertilizer is huaduo No.10, which is sold in the market with the mass ratio of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium of 3:1:1. The newly purchased new pot was soaked in potassium permanganate solution of 1000 times for 0.5h for disinfection, washed with water and dried in the air.

Hosta breeding methods and matters needing attention

Q & A: family culture methods and precautions of fragrant plantain Lily Yesterday a friend left a picture, asked what kind of flowers, want to know how to raise? Like fertile, moist sandy loam soil, cold resistant, most areas of our country can overwinter in the open, the ground part withered after frost, the next spring, germination of new buds.

Precautions for planting Hosta

If you want to keep the flowers of fragrant plantain Lily well, you should not only water regularly, add appropriate scattered light, pay attention to the good drainage of soil, but also keep the warm environment throughout the year. Pay attention to keep the environment ventilated and transparent, and sprinkle some pine needles around, Broken chicken eggshell to prevent snails from invading.

Common sense of Hosta maintenance

Flowers of fragrant plantain Lily are rhizomatous, with thick stems and many fibrous roots. The leaf stems form clumps, heart-shaped ovoid, long petiole on the face, and curved veins.

Hosta conservation and reproduction techniques

If the pot soil is dry for a long time, the leaves of fragrant plant Lily will turn yellow. After all, fragrant plantain lily is almost free from disease, but snail invasion should be paid attention to during daily maintenance.

3 tips for growing Hosta

(2) In the growing environment below 0 ℃, the correct treatment is: first, it should be moved to the room with no lower than 0 ℃ for wintering; secondly, if it can not be moved, it needs to be wrapped with rice grass or buried with soil; Finally, when the temperature is further reduced, we should also consider wrapping it with film, but we should open the film every two days at noon when the temperature is higher to let it breathe. December: cut off the dead leaves above the ground and cover the roots with fine soil to prevent wind and cold.

9 tips for growing Hosta

③ Avoid direct sunlight in high temperature season in summer, otherwise the leaves of plants will turn yellow and wither easily. ③ In spring, the growth rate of fragrant plant lily is fast, and it gradually enters the flowering stage.

3 tips for maintaining Hosta

It has white flowers and blooms in the evening, The leaf base forms clumps and petioles, and the leaves are similar to those of plantain. Soil matrix

Fragrant plantain Lily likes humid semi shade environment, which requires good drainage and rich humus loam.