Introduction of Potted Impatiens

Sprinkle the prepared spotted snapweed seeds on the soil, and keep a proper distance without scattering them too closely. In the early stage, you can cover the pot with a layer of plastic film, which will help the seed growth of spotted snapweed.

7 tips for potted Impatiens

It is better to receive at least 4 hours of scattered sunlight every day, and shade in summer to prevent excessive temperature and sun exposure. Diseases and insect pests: powdery mildew is common in spotted snapweed, which damages plant leaves, flowers, fruits and other organs.

Tips for trimming Impatiens

In the later stage of maintenance, the seedlings of spotted snapweed should gradually increase the light and the frequency of watering, so that they are not afraid of excessive drought. After rooting, the cuttings of spotted snapweed should be transplanted into the soil in time, and should be raised in a ventilated and shady place.

4 tips for breeding Impatiens

Learn these things to make planting easier Spotted snapweed listen to the name is a very beautiful flower, it is also called henna, its flower shape is very beautiful, light like a butterfly, and the color is very bright and rich, people are very fond of it. After successful germination, spotted snapweed can grow smoothly and finally produce beautiful flowers.

4 tips for planting Impatiens

Just understand these four points Spotted snapweed is a very common flower plant in rural areas. The flowering period of spotted snapweed is only two months, and it is the blooming time from June to August every year.

7 tips for planting Impatiens in the water

When the indoor ventilation is not good and people are active frequently, the oxygen content in the water drops rapidly, which will affect the growth of hydroponic flowers, and maintaining good indoor ventilation will increase the oxygen content in the water. Therefore, for the place with hydroponic flowers, keeping indoor ventilation can make spotted snapweed grow normally.

3 tips for making Impatiens bloom

Keep in mind three tips: flowers bloom 10 months a year Introduction: Spotted snapweed is also called henna. Suggestion: in the breeding process of spotted snapweed, 360 degree full-time illumination without dead angle can be provided for it in four seasons a year.

6 tips for planting Impatiens

If there is any infringement, please contact to delete it When I was a child, did you see that the color of the fingernails dyed by adults was particularly beautiful and yearned for, so I secretly applied the juice of flowers on my nails? The best growing environment, good ventilation effect and natural air circulation can make spotted snapweed not easily breed bacterial viruses.

Detailed introduction of Impatiens

There are “two” large varieties of spotted snapweed, one is wild “long leaf”, and the other is “round leaf” horticultural variety, which is specially suitable for indoor planting, with short plant shape and more flowering, which is more beautiful than wild spotted snapweed. In three days, the seeds of spotted snapweed can break their shells and leap out of the flower soil and grow quickly.