4 tips for maintenance of Lily of the valley

Because of its small and lovely appearance, it has become a family potted plant for many people. Although the lily of the Valley plant is relatively small, up to 20 cm, its flowers are very exciting. Its flowers are generally milky white, like a bell, like a shy girl with a low head, giving a very elegant feeling. In addition, its language of flowers is very romantic about happiness, so it is loved by many young people. Today, let’s talk about how to plant lily of the valley seeds with lily of the valley seeds.

1、 How to plant seeds

1. Select seeds

Generally speaking, the seeds will be growd in autumn. In autumn, the nutrient accumulation in seeds is the most favorable for the survival of seeds. The seeds in ripe red berries are generally selected for seed selection. Before planting, it is necessary to select the fully mature seeds of berry seeds.

2. pot selection

After selecting the right seeds, we should plant them. When planting, we should pay attention to the loose soil. At the same time, the flowerpot should be soil or plastic, which will be conducive to the growth of seeds.

3. Watering

First, fill the soil into the flowerpot, and then pour the soil completely with water. Stop when you see water seeping from the bottom of the pot. Then distribute the seeds evenly on the soil surface, not close to the wall of the pot. Pay attention to the spacing between the seeds. After the adjustment, cover the seeds with a thickness of several centimeters. When covering, pay attention not to completely press the seeds After that, do not irrigate the soil with fresh water, and use the sprayer. The soil moisture in the pot must not be too high.

4. Temperature

In terms of temperature, lily of the valley seeds need to be kept in a room temperature environment of about 15 ℃, otherwise it is difficult to successfully germinate. The usual methods include covering with preservative film. If it is summer, it is necessary to cool the soil. In short, it is necessary to keep the seeds growing at a constant temperature.

How to maintain after planting

When you see the seeds germinate successfully, if the soil is still covered with plastic film, you need to remove the plastic film, let the seeds breathe freely, and move the flowerpot to a bright place. You should keep a certain amount of sunlight every day, but do not let it directly contact with the sun.

During this period, the amount of water can be appropriately increased, but the soil should not be too wet, and an appropriate amount of compound fertilizer can also be added. However, the compound fertilizer should be placed at the lower part of the flowerpot, and direct contact with the root of the seedling must be avoided. Otherwise, the seed is still in the growth stage and is very young, which is likely to cause seedling burning.