The experience of growing Lily of the valley indoors

Lily of the valley, also known as junyingcao, Lilium davidii, Canterbury bells. Sweet smell, perennial herbs. The plant is short, the whole plant is hairless, underground there are many branches and creeping flat rhizomes, its flower color is fresh and white, giving a sense of purity, then lily of the valley is toxic? Lily of the valley is suitable for indoor planting? The following is to introduce to you!

lily-of-the-valley Is it poisonous

In fact, the whole lily of the Valley plant is toxic, especially the leaves and stems. Even the water used to store lily of the valley flowers will be contaminated with a certain amount of toxin. However, the fragrance of lily of the valley can significantly inhibit the growth and reproduction of Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Staphylococcus and pneumococcus in the air. It is better not to touch the lily of the valley grown indoors or in the hospital, especially for children. Usually, potted plants should be placed in places hard for children to touch.

The fruit is very beautiful, but the fruit is orange. Many people mistakenly eat fruit, or take its dry products or preparations, resulting in many body parts discomfort, serious even death. Patients with mild detoxification need gastric lavage, while those with severe toxicity need cardiac sedative and emergency rescue.

Is Lily of the valley suitable for indoor planting

Lily of the valley flowers are poisonous, but as long as you don’t eat lily of the valley flowers by mistake, you can keep them at home. In addition, lily of the valley has many beneficial effects

Lily of the valley can relax

In the past, a household company conducted a survey on lily of the valley flowers, and found that Lily of the valley can improve the physical condition of the human body, relax the spirit, and make you feel more comfortable after a whole day’s fatigue.

lily-of-the-valley It has bactericidal effect

Lily of the valley flower has bactericidal effect. Such as roses, Indian Pink and other plants, fragrant, the oil emitted can play a role in sterilization, the people at home to prevent disease has a certain role in protection.

Lily of the valley can purify the air

As we all know, lily of the valley flower is an air purifier in the plant kingdom, which can beautify the home and purify the indoor air. Although it is not as powerful as some plants, it should not be underestimated. It can absorb a lot of carbon dioxide, increase the negative ions in the air, make its fragrance change the air quality, make the indoor air fresh and healthy.