Mandevilla pruning: The Definitive Guide (2021)

People always asking: Should I prune my Mandevilla vine? How to do Mandevilla pruning?

This complete guide will give out the exact best practice about pruning Mandevilla plants correctly.

In fact, this guide is a combined Mandevilla pruning experience of above 17 gardening specialists from Unite State, Spain, and France.

It’s a basic simple guide for amateur, you’ll love these simple steps.

Let’s get started.

– About Mandevilla

– Why do we need to do Mandevilla pruning?

– When (which season) to prune(cut) Mandevilla?

– How to prune Mandevilla?

About Mandevilla

The Mandevilla (Dipladenia) are fast-growing climbing plants. Its trumpet-shaped flowers are 6-7 cm long and can be pink, white, yellow or red with the yellow-orange center.

Mandevilla has flexible stems that reach 4-5 meters in length although in a pot they are usually kept at 1-1.5 meters. Its leathery leaves have an oval shape with a pointed end and are spectacular bright green. It can be grown both on land and in pots, whether combined, hanging or solitary and will also attract bees, hummingbirds, and birds.

Although Mandevilla is a low maintenance plant used as indoor or greenhouse plants, the proper location, nutrients, and pruning will help it grow and bloom beautifully. Keep in mind that they will need supports or tutors to climb.

Mandevilla is part of the family Apocynaceae, originates mostly from Brazil, although associates throughout the Americas of the South.

Why do we need to do Mandevilla pruning?

As long as it is not exposed to cold temperatures, it will grow vigorously, up to 20 feet long. 

However, if left to grow untrimmed, it may start to look neglected and not flower as much as it could. This is why it is recommended to prune the vines at least once a year. Do cut Mandevilla is to make it grow better, it sounds crazy but it’s true.

When (which season) to prune (trim/cut) Mandevilla?

Knowing when to prune Mandevilla vines is the key to lasting health and vigorous flowering. 

Is cut Mandevilla in winter right? YES.

Likewise, is trim Mandevilla in spring good? Yes, too.

The key is the weather.

It is best to cut Mandevilla in late winter or early spring, just before the plant begins to produce new growth.

How to prune Mandevilla?

How to prune Mandevilla?

The Mandevilla vines quickly and faithfully produce new growth, and the summer flowers bloom fully on this new growth.

Therefore, cutting a Mandevilla vine drastically will not hurt it, nor will it particularly harm its summer presentation, as long as you do it before it produces its new shoots.

Mandevilla Pruning when planted:

Reduce Mandevilla to the top five of the strongest stems just after planting. If there is only one stem, trim it back by one-third.

Pruning old shoots:

You can reduce old shoots or branches that get out of control to the ground. They should grow new strong stems in the spring. Trim away damaged stems or stems that appear diseased. 

Prune off overly long stems that are growing out away from the main vines, giving it a wild, unkempt look.

Pruning branches:

Even branches that are not unruly take advantage of pruning, thus encouraging new growth and giving the whole plant a denser and more compact appearance. A single old-growth stem that has been cut should germinate several new growth shoots.

Trim up smaller Mandevillas that are being maintained in a shrubby shape by cutting back stems that are sticking out or dangling down toward the ground.

Mandevilla Pruning when growing:

It is also possible to cut a vine into a Mandevilla during the growing season. 

You should never prune new shoots vigorously, as this will reduce the number of flowers. You can, however, pinch the ends of the new shoot early in the spring, once it has reached a few inches in length. This should encourage it to split into two new shoots, which would make the whole plant fuller and more prone to flowering.

Mandevilla Pruning Resources: Video, Book, Tools and so on

This video demonstrated how to prune Mandevilla (Dipladenia), you can learn from it.

That’s it! 

All the basic information about how to divide Mandevilla is here.

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