Orchid cultivation methods and matters needing attention

Generally, the lighting time of Orchidaceae is longer in summer and autumn, and shorter in spring and winter. Many novices in the plant of Orchidaceae, it is easy to be burned by the sun in the high temperature season.

Orchid cultivation methods and matters needing attention

If we choose our friends from Orchidaceae soil, I suggest that we should control water and practice seedlings every half a month. Like us, in summer or autumn, if you are exposed to the sun all the time, you can’t stand it, and your skin will also get sunburnt.

4 issues that need to be paid attention to when growing Orchids

In spring, summer and autumn, it can be put on the balcony or open place, but in winter, it should be moved to the greenhouse in time to prevent the pot soil from freezing. If the soil continues to be too wet and the pot bottom is well drained, which exceeds the tolerance of Orchidaceae, rotten roots will appear, leading to the death of ochidaceae from yellow leaves to the whole plant.

5 tips for growing Orchids

Breeding methods and five points for attention of ochidaceae Orchidaceae, together with Prunus mume, cream Narcissus and chrysanthemum, has become one of the top ten famous flowers in China. Therefore, outdoor plant should create a suitable humidity range for Orchidaceae growth, indoor installation of sprayers and hygrometers.

9 tips for growing Orchids

High temperature and humidity, scale insects and poor ventilation are easy to cause leaf spot disease. After a short period of crawling, it fixed on the main vein and leaf edge of the leaves of Cymbidium officinalis, sucking juice and injuring, and gradually forming the scale.

8 tips for growing Orchids

People have always regarded orcidaceae as a symbol of nobility and elegance, and they are called “four gentlemen” together with plum, orchid, bamboo and chrysanthemum. In order to increase air humidity and promote the growth and development of Orchidaceae, it is necessary to spray water on the leaves and the ground around the flowerpot in summer.

6 tips for growing Orchids

In view of these problems that usually troubled orchid friends, combined with my superficial maintenance experience, I’d like to share with you today how to raise Orchidaceae well? Orchidaceae, a family potted plant, is made up of small pebbles collected from Hetao, rotten peanut shells, perlite or volcanic rocks, and decomposed pine bark.

5 tips for growing Orchids

It is necessary to select granular materials that are loose and breathable, have certain water absorption and drainage properties, and are rich in organic matter. Personal experience and suggestions, feel useful, please pay attention to like, uninterrupted share more knowledge of flower plant.

Orchid Flower Extension Tutorial

3、 Temperature

After the Orchidaceae blooms, if possible, put the orchid in the environment below 15 ℃ and above 10 ℃ to maintain the air humidity, so as to prolong the flowering period. After half a month, the remaining scape will fall off automatically or has become loose, which can be removed by gently moving your hand.

6 tips for growing Orchids at home

Family culture method of Orchidaceae

Archidaceae often appears in ancient poetry, is a symbol of nobility, is one of the four gentlemen in the flower, is also the first of the four elegant. In northern China, we should pay attention to the fact that in winter, when the temperature is too low, the orcidaceae should be moved indoors, and the windows should be opened frequently to keep the air in circulation.