Orchid Flower Extension Tutorial

Hello everyone, I am a plant grass insect, love plants and greening. Today, I share with you the maintenance skills of Orchidaceae. I quote a question from netizens: how to extend the flowering period of Orchidaceae after flowering, and how to do it after withering, and how to blossom better next year? This is a good question, but it is also a common saying, but it is of great significance to explore. There are ways to prolong the flowering period of Orchidaceae after flowering, which can be done after Orchidaceae has withered, and it will blossom better next year.

First question: how to extend the flowering period of Orchidaceae after flowering?

After the orchid blooms, there is a period of time when the fragrance is very strong, which is also the best time for viewing and smelling. If the maintenance is not good, the orchid will soon wither. How can we live up to the Osmanthus fragrans of orcidaceae? Therefore, the flowering period of Orchidaceae can be prolonged according to the following methods.

1. Not with fruits

This is the most common. Apples, bananas and other fruits, especially bananas, contain a lot of ethephon. Ethephon can accelerate the ripening of fruits. Therefore, if you put Orchidaceae and fruits together, the most beautiful Orchidaceae will also senescence and wither in advance.

2.You can’t water the fertilizer, the water

In the flowering period, as long as you pour fertilizer or a lot of water, almost one night you will see the flowers wither and fall.


After the Orchidaceae blooms, if possible, put the orchid in the environment below 15 ℃ and above 10 ℃ to maintain the air humidity, so as to prolong the flowering period. Usually, the blooming period of Orchidaceae is controlled by temperature.

The second question: after the flowers are withered, it will blossom better next year

After the flowering period of Orchidaceae is an important stage of self supplementary nutrition. Like human beings, the reproductive growth at flowering is transformed into vegetative growth, that is, storing energy for sprouting. At this time, we can follow the following orchid plant techniques.

4.Cut off the scape after anthesis

There are many opinions about cutting off the scape after anthesis. The pioneer of urban greening suggested that the scape should be cut off about two weeks after anthesis. In this way, orchid fragrance can be heard more and nutrition can be reserved for the female parent. The scape should not be cut casually. It is recommended to keep the scape about 5cm high. After cutting, daub with plant ash or wrap napkin on the wound surface of the remaining scape to control the scape The paper towel can be removed in about a day. After half a month, the remaining scape will fall off automatically or has become loose, which can be removed by gently moving your hand.

5.Let Orchidaceae drink water after withering flowers

Watering is not recommended for the flowering period of Orchidaceae. It is mainly for the number of flowers. Watering will topple the flower bud. In a professional way, it is to improve the opening of flowers. Therefore, after picking flowers, we must let Orchidaceae drink enough water to help promote the germination of leaf buds and buds.

6.Fertilization after anthesis

If Orchidaceae is about to enter the dormancy period after picking flowers, it is recommended to apply only a small amount of liquid fertilizer. If Orchidaceae is in the growth stage after flower picking, special fertilizer can be purchased to provide sufficient nutrition for the repair and growth of Orchidaceae.

The above is today’s article to share with you: how to extend the flowering period of Orchidaceae after flowering, the better content of blooming next year after Orchidaceae is withered. I am a plant, grass and insect. If you have problems in raising green plants, you can leave a message for consultation.