Parlor palm

Solutions for Parlor palm leaves yellowing

In the hot sun, its leaf color will become pale or yellow, and will produce scorched leaves and black spots, which will lose its original bright and ornamental value.

Lack of water

Parlor palm likes the environment with high humidity, so the principle of “wet rather than dry” should be mastered to keep the pot soil moist.

5 tips for farming Parlor palm

Pay attention to the points I sent you, and then combine with the maintenance knowledge to ensure that you will keep the parlor palm green all the year round. Therefore, during the drying period such as autumn, we should take measures to improve the air humidity around the plant by spraying water on the leaf surface.

7 tips for farming Parlor palm

When the seedlings have 3 ~ 4 leaves, they can be thinly applied with decomposed human manure and urine water or 0.3% urea solution, and a small amount of potassium sulfate can be added to mix and spray, so as to promote the healthy growth. During this period, spray the leaf surface early and late, increase the humidity of the air properly, and concatenate shading 50% to 70% to ensure the effective accumulation of photosynthesis.

8 tips for farming Parlor palm

Because parror palms prefer shady environment, they should be placed in the North window, near the east window or other places with bright scattered light; parlor palm is most afraid of direct sunlight, even if exposed to short-term sunlight, it will cause the leaves to wither and turn yellow. On the contrary, if it is put in the shade and dry place for a long time, the color of the leaves will become lighter and lose luster.

5 tips for planting Parlor palm

According to this problem, a Dou specially prepared today’s article, hoping to help you in the maintenance of parror palm in the future. Because of its poor cold resistance and low temperature in winter, it is necessary to do a good job in keeping warm.

7 tips for planting Parlor palm

② In summer and autumn when the air is dry, in addition to daily watering, but also often spray water on the surface of the leaves of the plant, to increase air humidity, promote the healthy growth of the plant, at the same time can keep the leaf surface clean and bright. Light: in the seedling culture period or growing season, especially in summer and autumn, 60% of the sunlight should be covered for the plant, otherwise the leaves will be dry and yellow or burned.

Introduction to Parlor palm hydroponics

It can not only decorate the space, grow sentiment, but also purify the air, absorb benzene, formaldehyde and other harmful gases, playing a role in beautifying the environment. In addition, parlor palm can also evaporate water vapor, which is conducive to improving air humidity and keeping the room moist and dry.

4 tips for Parlor palm reproduction

Light: parlor palm likes half shade, and the leaf color will wither and yellow under strong sunlight; if it is placed in the place with insufficient light for a long time, the plant will become thin and long. Therefore, during the drying period such as autumn, we should take measures to improve the air humidity around the plant by spraying water on the leaf surface.

3 tips for watering Parlor palm

In the process of maintenance, friends should pay special attention to the precautions of watering parror palm. Parlor palm needs to be watered frequently and replenished every two days in summer to prevent yellowing of leaves.