Peace Lily

How to make Peace Lily bloom more

When breeding peace lily, it will grow a lot of leaves, and then flowers will bloom more. If it is cultured in a cool place, it will grow light and leaves will not bloom, even if the flowers will be very few, we can give peace Lily basks in the early morning sun, so it can grow very good-looking, flowering will be more.

Peace Lily breeding methods and skills

White crane taro can filter indoor waste gas and has certain cleaning effect on ammonia, acetone, benzene and formaldehyde. “See dry see wet” water management is not suitable for peace lily, but also increases the chance of root infection, which is not conducive to growth.

3 tips for breeding Peace Lily in spring and summer

Three key points of growing peace Lily in spring and summer: green branches and leaves and continuous blooming flowers Another name of peace lily is plain sailing, which not only means beautiful, but also the white flowers and green leaves set off each other when they bloom, giving people a clean and fresh, straight and beautiful feeling. With sufficient water and fertilizer supply and warm scattered light, it will be able to grow vigorously and bloom continuously if it is replaced with pot soil in spring every year.

The method of breeding Peace Lily in winter

If the soil is wet for a long time, it is easy to make the root of peace Lily rot or the leaves turn yellow and wither. Moreover, if the root is long-term wet, it is also easy to cause diseases and insect pests; in winter, we should often give peace Lily and its surrounding environment spray some water mist to increase the humidity of the air, which is also very beneficial to spend the winter.

4 tips for breeding Peace Lily in summer

It can regulate indoor temperature and humidity through evapotranspiration, and effectively purify volatile organic compounds in the air, such as alcohol, acetone, trichloroethylene, benzene, toluene, chlorine monoxide, ozone, etc. Especially for the ozone purification rate is particularly high, placed next to the kitchen gas, can purify the air, remove the smell of cooking, smoke and volatile substances Thank you for your reading.

4 ways to breed Peace Lily

grow peace lily, pay attention to these four points, yellow leaves rotten roots are not seen, flowers continue to bloom Learn to deal with the “4 points”, peace lily flowers bloom constantly, yellow leaves rotten roots are all gone! However, if the soil of peace Lily growd in your home has been hardened in a large area, the root system can not be expanded no matter how strong it is.

7 tips for breeding Peace Lily

When you put peace lily on the pot, you should pay attention to the cut part must be connected with the stem, and then use charcoal ash to smear on the wound. When the temperature is low in winter, we should pay attention to the anti freezing work of peace lily.

5 tips for growing potted Peace Lily

Peace Lily can not only bring fresh air to the family, but also play a good Fengshui condition. If you appreciate it in the shade, you can’t directly expose it to the sun, otherwise it will cause discomfort due to the rapid changes of the environment, such as wilting, yellow leaves and even withering.

5 tips for growing Peace Lily indoors

The Chinese scientific name of peace lily is white crane taro, which is more suitable for indoor potted viewing. Peace Lily can not only be used for viewing, but also for indoor absorption of waste gas, formaldehyde and clean air!