Treatment method of Periwinkle leaf curl

The leaves of Madagascar periwinkle appear to curl up and show dorsal shape in the process of raising, which is often caused by too much light or too much water loss, which generally occurs in summer. In order to maintain the water needed for plant growth, it should be done in the morning or at night to avoid high temperature during the day.

Flower language introduction of Periwinkle

Leaves opposite, long elliptic, petiole short, entire, smooth on both sides, glabrous, main vein white obvious. The water extract from leaves of Madagascar periwinkle can also reduce blood glucose in normal and alloxan induced diabetic rabbits and dogs.

Periwinkle cultivation and propagation method

If Madagascar periwinkle is always maintained in the shade, it is prone to diseases and insect pests, and leaves turn yellow and fall. If open field plant, midsummer showers need to pay attention to drainage, so as to avoid the death of stagnant water.

3 tips for growing Periwinkle

In this regard, I suggest that during the growth of Madagascar periwinkle, fertilizer should be applied every 10 days or so. In the process of maintenance, we’d better put it in a place with plenty of sunshine, so that the flowers and leaves will be more colorful and glossy.

Solutions for Periwinkle not blooming

According to different plant media, watering every 3-5 days and properly applying all the elements compound fertilizer can make the seedlings strong and the leaves luxuriant. Also remember to master the planting density when sowing, do not put eggs in a basket, strengthen ventilation, reduce humidity, control water volume.

4 tips to make Periwinkle bloom frequently

Note: if it is not the seedlings of the same year, after the flowering and withering in November, the branches will gradually become thin and weak, and the leaves will also move upward from the root. But Xiaobian should remind friends that they must be kept away from children when they are placed indoors, and they can never be eaten, which will cause adverse reactions after eating by mistake.

4 precautions for growing Periwinkle

But if this kind of flower can not be maintained, it is very easy to have rotten roots and various diseases and insect pests It should be noted that Madagascar periwinkle is toxic. If the temperature is lower than 10 ℃, it will cause the growth of Madagascar periwinkle to stop growing or enter into dormancy state.

4 tips for growing Periwinkle

② Trim and top as soon as possible

The erect type of Madagascar periwinkle must be pruned and toppled if it wants to be more compact and grow more luxuriant. It is originally located in the sunny area of tropical and subtropical zone, so the amount of light required is relatively large.

6 cultivation methods of Periwinkle


Madagascar periwinkle likes warm, dry and sunny environment. Especially in winter, the amount of watering should be strictly controlled, otherwise Madagascar periwinkle will be damaged.

4 tips for growing Periwinkle

Leaves opposite, long elliptic to obovate, apex blunt, base gradually narrow, dark green luster, main vein white obvious. ① Since Madagascar periwinkle is a straight root plant and is not resistant to transplanting, direct seeding or nutrition bag breeding is suitable.