Treatment method of Periwinkle leaf curl

Periwinkle, as known as Vinca, means happy memories. Periwinkle remains green in four seasons, and the flowers are beautiful and last for long period, so it is great for watching.

As long as you care well and manage properly, the flowers that bloom in spring will continue to bloom until autumn. Therefore, Periwinkle also has a good name of “day by day and spring”. When we raise periwinkle, the leaf curling situation occurs, what is the reason?

The leaves of periwinkle appear to curl up and show dorsal shape in the process of raising, which is often caused by too much light or too much water loss, which generally occurs in summer.

Although periwinkle prefers high-temperature and high-temperature weather, if the sun is exposed to the sun for too long in midsummer, it will cause excessive water loss due to the strong light.

Therefore, there will be upward curling of leaves. If the sun is too strong in summer, necessary shading measures should be taken for it in time, and potted plants can be moved to the shade of big trees.

If the soil is too dry, water should be replenished in time. In order to maintain the water needed for plant growth, it should be done in the morning or at night to avoid high temperature during the day.

At the same time, you can spray more water. In order to reduce the temperature and keep moisture, we should pay attention to the supplement of fertilizer in the usual maintenance function. We should use some water-soluble fertilizer, topdressing once a week.

However, we can mix compound fertilizer in the soil once as base fertilizer, so that the leaves that can basically be raised will gradually recover.

It’s every flower’s dream to make periwinkle bloom, but it’s hard to do nothing but a dream.

Topping or planting is the only way for a flower to bloom. Let’s talk about topping. We all know that periwinkle has a long period of blooming from spring to autumn, but it is not impossible to make it bloom more.

If we want to do a good job in topping, we may need to promote the germination of lateral branches. When the seedlings grow to six leaves, we can start topping. We should first remove the upper two leaves and keep the lower leaves. When the lateral buds grow to six leaves, we can repeat it once.

We can choose to take a piece of branch about 7cm in diameter for planting in Madagascar periwinkle. After cutting, we can not throw it away. In this way, it has a high survival rate and can develop a lot of seedlings.

We found a suitable branch and cut off all the leaves on it to prevent excessive water from increasing. We prepared two loose nutrient soil and inserted the treated branches before watering them.

After that, we can put it in a cool and ventilated place, and keep the temperature above 20 ℃ and appropriate humidity during the plant. We can take root in periwinkle for a month.

When we top and plant, Madagascar periwinkle can burst the pot. We must not give up, otherwise, there will be few flowers, which will affect the appreciation value.

For more instructions, check this video out: