Plumbago Language and Legend of Lanhuadan

Hakkas call it mianbi male flower, with beautiful flowers, which are often growd for viewing in Chinese gardens (photo from Eastern IC) Plumbago auriculata has a unique blue, whenever you see this blue, you will feel a cool feeling, but also with a trace of coldness. (photo from Dongfang IC) In ancient times, there was a warrior who fell in love with a princess who had lost his country.

Plant knowledge popularization of Plumbago

Evergreen weak subshrub, upper end tendril or very scattered, about 1 m or longer, glabrous except inflorescence, covered with fine calcareous granules. Under suitable conditions, this plant can bloom all year round, and the two flowering periods are winter and spring (April to December) and summer and autumn (June to September).

A detailed guide to breeding Plumbago

Management: it is necessary to pick the heart 2 ∼ 3 times during the process from the growth to the seedling of the Cape leadership, and the flowering period can be delayed by about 2 weeks. 80% dibromo chloropropane emulsion dilution can be used to spray the soil surface during the disease period.

Plumbago breeding methods and matters needing attention

In the seedling stage, the branches can be increased by picking the heart, which is convenient for potted plant modeling in the future. Pest control

The larvae of Spodoptera Noctuidae, root knot nematode and scale insects can be killed by Avermectin or ralei609.

4 tips for growing Plumbago

Share one, Cape Leadport likes warm and humid environment and climate, so it is planted in southern China, which is very heat-resistant. Cape leadership generally refers to the following: several diseases occur frequently, This insect is mainly eaten by the leaves.

5 tips for breeding Plumbago

After May, we should add some phosphorus and potassium fertilizer to make the Cape leadership flower more prosperous. During this period, the soil should be kept moist, covered with plastic film and sprayed with water every day.

5 tips for breeding Plumbago

Generally speaking, plants can’t accept the strong sunlight in summer, but blue lead can be exposed to the sun. When breeding plumbago auriculata at home, pay more attention to these points, and the explosion of pots is no longer a phenomenon

4 ways to breed Plumbago

If you want to make a house full of potted flowers, you need to know these points Cape leadership is a kind of green plant with high color. We generally choose the soil which is fertile, loose, breathable and good drainage to grow the Cape leadwort 4.

3 tips for breeding Plumbago

Is it poisonous to keep it indoors?

Cape leadership – it is mainly distributed in Henan Province, with its origin in South Africa, and now there are greenhouse planting in many places. This family of plants, are basically perennial herbs, a wide range of distribution, all over the world, a total of 24 genera, more than 800 species.

6 tips for raising Plumbago pill

Generally, plants can’t accept the strong light in summer, but plumbago auriculata can be exposed to sunlight. Therefore, some nitrogen fertilizer can be applied at the early stage of the growth of Plumbago auriculata, while in the vigorous growth period of Plumbago auriculata, some compound fertilizer can be added appropriately, once every 10 days, and some potassium dihydrogen phosphate can be applied before and after the flowering period.