5 tips for Plumeria grafting

Its flowers are particularly gorgeous, including common white, pink, orange, and even mixed color varieties. In the growth process of Plumeria, if the maintenance is not proper, it is easy to appear diseases and insect pests and other phenomena.

Introduction of 8 kinds of Plumeria

The culture conditions of egg white were simple, only a few hours of scattered light irradiation and strong soil drainage capacity were needed. Tricolor plumeria

The origin of this variety is in Mexico, the color shows a white and yellow center, and there are pink mixed in it, it is very mysterious, but can not help but let people like.

Plant and maintenance techniques of Plumeria

It has beautiful tree shape, branches like antlers, hemispherical crown, leaves like loquat and elegant fragrance. Plumeria is easiest to prune in winter immediately after the leaves fall, but do not cut again, otherwise it will affect the flowering of next spring.

What is the language of flowers in Plumeria?

Flowers representing hope In summer and autumn (from May to October), cymes grow from the top of branches. It does not have so many mysterious legends, no elegant temperament and noble charm, but it has a very simple appearance – a fresh and hopeful flower composed of five petals.

Grafting technology of old trees of Plumeria

After finalizing the design, the management of fertilizer and water should be strengthened to make the grafting pile germinate as soon as possible and ensure the good growth of the current year’s buds. As the rootstock and scion are one or two-year-old branches with similar thickness, as long as the cuticle is combined smoothly, the cambium can be roughly consistent, which is conducive to the formation of callus.

5 tips for Plumeria breeding

Before budding, the flowerpot should be turned over once a year in spring to avoid root rot and unfavorable growth. Before the minimum temperature drops to 10 ℃, move into the room and put it in a sunny place.

Plumeria breeding method

In China, Plumeria is mainly distributed in southern China, such as Guangdong and Guangxi, In Yunnan and other places, the temperature in these places is on the high side, so it is not difficult to see that the temperature demand of Plumeria is a kind of shrub, which looks very strong, but for the environmental demand, it can not be ignored. The pots used should also be changed according to the size of the plant, because the flowers grow faster and the roots are vigorous.

Cultivation method of potted Plumeria

As long as it is loose soil with rich humus, it can be slightly exposed when planting. Plumeria likes to grow in a humid environment and is afraid of water.

Tips for the conservation of potted Plumeria

When you plant the seeds, you will cover the hood to maintain a higher air humidity and warm environment to form a greenhouse effect. With the growth of leaves, watering should be reduced gradually, and the environment should be kept ventilated, otherwise it is easy to breed mold.

9 tips for Plumeria maintenance

Understand these points and save it Plumeria originated in Mexico, North America, suitable for growing in high temperature and humidity. In the northern region, it usually starts to cool in the middle and late October, which will lead to defoliation.