6 common primula classifications in gardening

Primula exigua is native to Yichang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Guizhou to Yunnan and Shannan of Tibet. This year’s preference for white, from a few to now full look

Purple and pink also vary greatly

And the magenta one

On the balcony in winter, even if nasturtium has just sprouted, Bougainvillea glabra has fallen all the flowers, and the bulbs are still only green leaves.

3 Tips for Planting in Primrose

In particular, since June, Primula will be dormant, this period of time to do a good job in the process of temperature control. Pay attention to the above three points, timely and quantitative topdressing, Primula can maintain a relatively long flowering period.

4 tips for making Primrose bloom

Primula blooms from February to May and bears fruit from March to June. If you raise a few pots in the house, it will not take up space, but also give people a refreshing feeling.

5 tips for maintaining Primrose

In March and April, when most flowers are fragrant and competing for fragrance, it may not be able to capture the limelight or even wither into mud. Diseases and insect pests: leaf spot, gray mold and anthracnose are common in leaves and seedlings.

5 benefits of raising the Primrose Flower

In autumn and winter, we should provide enough light for primrose to make the flowers more abundant and full in color. Therefore, it is recommended that you take it as a year or two-year-old herb to maintain, and can often update varieties to bring new elements to the balcony.