4 tips for Rattlesnake maintenance

It is of high grade at home This green bamboo taro is shade resistant, with wide leaves and clear stripes. Green apple bamboo taro is suitable for the living room window sill or Arabian coffee table, which can increase indoor humidity and has the effect of purifying air!

3 tips for Rattlesnake to change pots and ramets

The ornamental bamboo taro that has been watered the previous day can easily pull out the whole plant by directly grasping the bottom of the rhizome and tilting the flowerpot. If damaged or diseased roots are found during ramet propagation of ornamental bamboo taro, they must be cut off in time and be soaked in germicidal solution for 3 hours before transplanting again.

2 tips cultivation techniques for Rattlesnake

The cuttings were inserted on the seedling bed according to the row spacing of 5 × 10cm, covered with film arch shed, and then transplanted after rooting. Pay close attention to China agriculture and forestry science and technology website, click the official website below the main interface to apply for registered members, and release the supply and demand information for free.

4 kinds of Rattlesnake suitable for home

Bamboo taro leaves fresh color, strong resistance to negative, summer at home to raise a pot, will make people feel refreshing. Three color taro

The leaves are long ovate or lanceolate, thick leathery; dark green and glossy, with light midrib; the contrast is distinct, potted, ground cover and flower border are commonly used.

9 kinds of Rattlesnake suitable for home

-The miracle of turning around-

As a kind of foliage plant with high appearance value, the bamboo taro uses its colorful leaves to enchant our eyes. Organic fertilizer is applied every 7-10 days in the vigorous growing season, which is good for our bamboo taro leaves to show their true colors.

18 kinds of Rattlesnake in detail


calathea roseopicta

Rainbow bamboo taro leaf color is rare and beautiful, is the ideal decoration treasures of family small guest room.


Maranta bicolor

Leopard pattern bamboo taro has pair of flowers, very shade resistant, not too delicate variety.

5 tips for Rattlesnake farming

Hydroponic method

The water culture of peacock plant can be carried out in plastic pots or antique ceramic flowerpots. Finally, a layer of ceramsite is added on the top of the pot to prevent algae from growing and washing away the substrate or flushing down the seedlings after the sun.

5 tips for Rattlesnake reproduction

The peak of leaf spot disease is from September to October and March of the following year, which will dry the leaves of rattlesnake. Lack of light yellow: leaves can’t get enough sunlight and form chlorophyll when they are placed in shade for a long time.

7 common Rattlesnake plant

Taro is a kind of herbaceous plant with erect trunk and branches, which was distributed in tropical regions such as Asia. Maintenance method

As a tropical plant, the bamboo taro prefers warm and humid environment, so it should be placed in a position with sufficient light to keep the air moist at all times.