Rubber tree

Rubber tree maintenance knowledge

Para Rubber fig has bright leaves, evergreen trees and potted plants, which decorate the house very well. Reduce the pathogenic bacteria, pay attention to ventilation, and spray 1% Bordeaux solution.

Maintenance method of Rubber tree

Para Rubber fig originated in India and likes to change in warm and humid. Cutting propagation is relatively simple, easy to survive and grow rapidly, and has strong vitality.

Variety introduction of Rubber tree

The main characteristics of natural rubber are as follows: 1) it has high Mooney viscosity (the shear resistance of the rubber compound to the rotation of the viscometer rotor in the mold cavity), hardened during storage, easy to crystallize at low temperature, and become brittle material at about – 70 ℃. ⑥ Because of the large number of unsaturated double bonds, it has high chemical activity, easy crosslinking and oxidation, and poor aging resistance.

Plant Encyclopedia of Rubber Tree

Natural rubber is widely used in industry, national defense, transportation, medicine and health and daily life because of its strong elasticity and good insulation, as well as plasticity, water and gas separation, tensile strength and wear resistance. It not only greatly increased the forest coverage rate, but also played an important role in improving the environmental conditions and maintaining the ecological balance of tropical areas.

Potted Rubber tree maintenance method

Fertilization is also a key point in the plant method of para Rubber fig, which can reduce the appearance of spots and make the leaves bright. Generally, in the plant method of para Rubber fig, the flowerpot must be turned over every two years, and the rotten leaf soil and other materials must be added for re configuration.

6 tips for breeding Rubber trees

However, in summer or early autumn, the lighting is fierce, so it is not suitable to sun for a long time, otherwise rubber fig leaves may be scorched. Therefore, when the para Rubber fig grows to 30-40 cm, it should be topped to promote lateral branches, so that the whole plant becomes plump and more ornamental.

Rubber tree breeding method

The name “Black King Kong” sounds masculine, but its red leaf sheath is like a shy girl, full of charm. The black Vajra leaf purple of the para Rubber fig has a thick and strong nature, and can grow all the year round.