Spider Plant

3 tips for breeding Spider Plant flowers

As for the problem of insufficient light at the beginning of the article, we only need to put it in a dark place, and spider plant can live strong. But if you want spider plant to blossom, it’s better to move it from the tea table and partition occasionally and put it on the windowsill to bask in the sun.

3 tips for breeding Spider Plant

It doesn’t matter if you don’t apply fertilizer during the maintenance, or you should give it a full range of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium once a month to keep its nutrients balanced. As long as the temperature is right, new leaves will grow in a month, and the leaves are compact and short, and they are beautiful again Open the mobile phone Taobao, search for “balcony garden garden red packet”, receive limited time red packet welfare, get the small partner remember to use Oh ~

Tips to let Spider Plant bloom

The small white flowers blooming in spider plant at the end of the branch, slowly hanging down, very beautiful, placed in any corner of the room can not be wrong. As long as we grasp the plant skills, such as its growth habits, spider plant likes warm and humid environment, semi shade environment, drought resistance, but not cold resistance, good drainage, loose and fertile sandy soil growth is better.

There are 3 advantages of raising Spider Plant at home

The leaves are long and green, and each stem has a new plant, floating in the air, like a butterfly dancing, the end is extremely beautiful. The treatment of fractures, hemorrhoids, burns, high fever in children, lung heat, cough, hematemesis, swelling and pain effect is significant.

Introduction of Spider Plant varieties and breeding methods

Like warm, humid, half shade environment, poor cold resistance, suitable for good drainage, fertile sandy soil growth. Golden heart spider plant: the leaves are slender, linear lanceolate, with yellow and white longitudinal stripes in the center, and the base is covered with stems, which is bright green.

9 tips for heading of Spider Plant

Control the temperature

Spider plant is not resistant to severe cold and heat, and prefers a relatively warm environment. Conclusion: after reading the above content, I believe you should know the treatment method of spider plant after heading, which can be pruned or used for breeding.

Introduction of 10 common Spider Plant varieties

Gold heart spider plant: there are rhizomes in the underground part, the leaves are slender, linear lanceolate, with yellow white longitudinal stripes in the center, and the base embraces the stem, which is bright green. The Flower Pavilion is long and slender, longer than the leaves, curved; the raceme is single or branched, and sometimes grows 2-8 cm strip-shaped leaf clusters on the upper node of the inflorescence; it floats with the wind and looks like a flying crane.

Introduction of Spider Plant varieties

The difference is that the leaf edge of gold heart spider plant is green, while the middle leaves are light yellow and white. If there is no sunshine, its purple will fade and turn green, and the stem node will grow too long, which is very beautiful.