3 tips for breeding Spider Plant flowers

There is not enough sunshine at home. The balcony is sandwiched between the tall buildings. The sunshine time is less than 3 hours. There is only a little scattered light on the windowsill. It is difficult to raise some plants until they bloom. But please don’t lose heart. It’s amazing that some flower friends have raised all the spider plants to bloom in such an environment. In fact, in addition to watching the leaves, there are still small white flowers to watch at the spider plant.

Spider plant is a well-known indoor foliage plant. I believe many friends choose it to enter our room. Most of the time, they are interested in its function of purifying air. Yes, spider plant can absorb some harmful gases. The ornamental value of spider plant can not be underestimated. In addition to the green leaves and rippling branches, there are beautiful small white flowers, fresh and elegant. Its flowers are growing on new branches, flowers are static small white flowers, petals 5 ~ 6, white petals, yellow stamens, with green leaves, very charming.

It’s also tricky to get spider plant out of shape.

1. Soil drainage and ventilation

Although spider plant is not very picky about soil, drainage and ventilation is the most important point. When preparing the pot soil of spider plant, add 30% river sand, and then add appropriate amount of rotten cake fertilizer as base fertilizer. However, excessive fertility is easy to burn roots, and a small amount can be added when it is difficult to grasp, but pay attention to supplement fertility. Slow release fertilizer can also be selected, which is more convenient to control and suitable for novices.

2. The watering situation can be adjusted according to the season

But it should not be too frequent to prevent waterlogging and soil nutrient leaching. In the case of ponding, if the drainage of pot soil is guaranteed, the ponding will not last for a long time, so the problem will not be too serious. However, the ponding is easy to cause soil hardening. For spider plant, the ideal state should be loose and moist pot soil.

3. Apply fertilizer in the growing season

The friends who have observed it will find that after the deposition in winter, the spider plant will grow rapidly in spring, and fertilizer at this time is conducive to the branch extraction and the branch’s robust. We should know that the flower bones and flowers of spider plant are extracted from the branches, so the plant of branches is a prerequisite for flowering.

Therefore, it is suggested to apply fertilizer in the peak season.

If the above conditions are satisfied, it will be a matter of time for spider plant to blossom. As for the problem of insufficient light at the beginning of the article, we only need to put it in a dark place, and spider plant can live strong. But if you want spider plant to blossom, it’s better to move it from the tea table and partition occasionally and put it on the windowsill to bask in the sun. Even if the time is not long, it will be of great benefit.