Tips for conservation of Spider Plant in autumn

Spider plant is really a plant that is easy to feed, reproduce, and is not delicate. It can absorb harmful gases such as formaldehyde and nitrogen oxides and purify the air. The leaves are evergreen all the year round. They are good-looking and inexpensive. They can also produce elegant and fragrant flowers. They can even plant a balcony without spending money. There are more than ten pots without any problem. How to raise spider plant in autumn? How does cold winter raise ability smooth carry on winter?

How to raise spider plant in autumn: both autumn and spring are vigorous growth periods of spider plant, so we need to water, fertilize and sun frequently. If it is placed indoors or on a balcony, windows should be opened to keep ventilation. It likes loose and fertile sandy soil. Green leaf spider plants should apply organic fertilizer every half a month. All fertilizers are OK. However, for golden edgespider plant and golden heart spider plant, less nitrogen fertilizer should be applied, because it will make the color of their leaves pale and the lace disappear and become ugly. Can use eggshell bone powder retting fertilizer to fertilize, will make the leaves become more bright and bright.

Here are some tips for a spider plant to grow like a tiger

Once a year, root cutting, soil changing and yellow leaves cutting at any time. Every spring or autumn, turn over the pot and cut off all the old roots, rotten roots, and excess roots. The root of spider plant grows very fast and developed. After one year of plant, the flowerpot must be replaced. Otherwise, if the root system is too much, the yellow leaves of spider plant will not grow well. Some old leaves of spider plant can be cut off in spring and autumn, which can promote the growth of more new leaves and buds. Will also open white elegant small flowers.

In addition to the summer not exposed to the sun, other seasons must be more sun, especially in autumn, so that winter can grow more robust and cold resistant.

How to deal with yellow leaves of spider plant: it is a kind of flower that likes half shade. If it can’t get the sun in the room for a long time, the leaves will turn yellow, so it should be exposed to the sun every day; if the pot soil has accumulated water for a long time, and the root is not breathing smoothly, it will also have yellow leaves, so it is necessary to control the water and loosen the soil in time. Excessive fertilization will cause yellow leaves, which can be cut off and replanted; if the pot soil is too poor, yellow leaves will be replaced with fertile soil, so that the leaves will grow green and lush.

How to hydroponically: you can use a water container, which is easy to install tap water. You can use a water cup or a goldfish tank to hydroponically grow a spider plant. Hydroponics with rainwater will grow better.

Spider plant can propagate from one pot to more than one pot: spider plant has a strong reproductive capacity. As long as the branches on the spider plant have such roots, they can be cut off and planted in flowerpots.

Soil covers the root, irrigated, cool and ventilated place, half a month will grow new roots, very easy to survive, soon can grow more leaves, into a pot of lush and beautiful pot.

How to raise spider plant in winter: when the temperature is lower than five degrees in winter, we must water less. This is the key to winter. Otherwise, the teacher’s leaves will turn yellow, the leaves will fall, and even rot roots. Winter should be more sunshine, in order to make the leaves more fresh green. Put it by the window on the south side of your home so that the leaves will be more glossy. As long as the temperature is kept at about 20 ℃, spider plant can grow normally.

It doesn’t matter if you grow slowly in winter. When the temperature rises in spring, it will grow more vigorously and the leaves will be more luxuriant and beautiful.