Tips to let Spider Plant bloom

Many home grown friends think that spider plant is a typical foliage plant, but many people don’t know that a real flower grower will grow spider plant into flowers. The flower season of spider plant is in summer. When the temperature is high, the flower will bloom. The small white flowers blooming in spider plant at the end of the branch, slowly hanging down, very beautiful, placed in any corner of the room can not be wrong.

The flower of spider plant is indeed very beautiful, but many people have not seen it. In fact, it is not difficult to raise the flower of spider plant. As long as we grasp the plant skills, such as its growth habits, spider plant likes warm and humid environment, semi shade environment, drought resistance, but not cold resistance, good drainage, loose and fertile sandy soil growth is better. In addition, it is most favorable for growth at room temperature from 15 to 25 ℃.

How many floats friends like to hang the spider plant. As the name implies, the spider plant must be hoisted. In general, when the temperature is 20-24 ℃, the spider plant grows fastest. This temperature is just around the summer, that is, June and July every month. If the flowers are not well raised in these two months. Then we have to wait until next year.

Spider plant likes a semi overcast environment. In spring and autumn, it should avoid direct sunlight. In summer, the sun is very strong, so it can only withstand the sunshine in the morning and evening. Among them, the golden edgespider plant grows more beautiful in places with weak light, and the leaves will be more bright. In order to speed up the flowering, we must water the branches and leaves sufficiently in summer, and spray water on the branches and leaves around noon and evening.

Finally, we must pay attention to fertilization. We can directly use dioxygen phosphate mixed with water to fertilize phosphorus and potassium fertilizer, which has a good effect on flowering and promoting flowers. We can also properly use organic fertilizer with fruit powder and eggshell, and water it every half a month. It can also make spider plant blossom.