Star of Bethlehem

3 tips for conserving Star of Bethlehem

It is difficult to spend the summer because of being afraid of extreme heat; it is not resistant to frost and cold. The virus was transmitted by aphids and could be controlled by spraying 800 times of 2.5% threeeleaf Derris.

Appreciation of Star of Bethlehem

Leaves basal, 5-6, banded or elongated lanceolate, sometimes slightly fleshy, end caudate long pointed, 30-60 cm long, 2.5-5 cm wide, apex caudate and often twisted, evergreen, nearly leathery. Bulblets have the habit of dormancy in summer, and have strong meristem and high reproductive coefficient.

How to raise a Star of Bethlehem?

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Star of Bethlehem is a bulbous green plant, and small balls grow at the lower end of the leaves, which looks like the eyes of a tiger. Star of Bethlehem is very fond of sunshine, but in summer, it is afraid to be exposed to the sun, so it can grow well in a semi shade environment.

4 tips for conserving Star of Bethlehem


③ Water

Star of Bethlehem likes dry air environment; the rainy days are too long to be infected by pathogens; they are afraid of rain and keep the leaves dry at night; the optimum air relative humidity is 40% ~ 65%. Aphids will gnaw at the branches and leaves of star of Bethlehem and hinder the normal growth of plants.

Star of Bethlehem Breeding management

When the plant enters the dormancy period, the main task is to control water and fertilizer. Bulb “beauty”: due to metabolism, the surface of star of Bethlehem is easy to form a red and shriveled film over a long period of time.

The 8 most common Star of Bethlehem

Huayou remembers to remove the pedicels and residual flowers, so that it will bloom better in the next year, General maintenance attention to soil drainage can be, other not too big picky. This plant leaves unique, the front of the leaf is emerald green, the reverse is purple, is very chic, there are a little stripes!

Appreciation of star of Bethlehem Beauty

Although it is evergreen, shade tolerant and easy to raise, it has come close to people’s life, and even gained the nickname of “winter does not wither grass”. If you want to raise a star of Bethlehem potted plant, or you can try searching for “Pearl grass”, “Seawell onion”, “crystal ball” and so on, and you will find that this product is a little different from what you think!