Orchid cultivation methods and matters needing attention

If we choose our friends from Orchidaceae soil, I suggest that we should control water and practice seedlings every half a month. Like us, in summer or autumn, if you are exposed to the sun all the time, you can’t stand it, and your skin will also get sunburnt.

Precautions for growing Peppers

Before breeding, we must choose a suitable seedling bed, and the seedbed must be selected in the place with moderate temperature. The main reason why this kind of situation occurs is that brown lesions cause defoliation, which leads to pepper’s death.

Hosta cultivation techniques

Native to Japan, South Korea and China, where moist woodlands, grasslands and riverbanks grow. Remove the cluster with the help of a fork, bearing in mind that its growing parts will not be damaged, then leave the hard fiber roots on the board and separate the branches from the middle with a sharp knife.

7 tips for growing Forget-me-not


After disinfection and sieving, large particles are laid on the lower layer, about 4-5cm thick, and the upper fine soil is about 4-5cm. For more flower culture experience, fleshy plant and bonsai appreciation, please visit Huayou micro community: http://m.huau.cn Or, pay attention to the official account of micro signals: huaucn, join WeChat group, please add WeChat private number: wwwhuaucn.

6 tips for Oriental Lily planting and maintenance

It will take more than half a year to grow into big ones that can blossom When the bulb is about two to three centimeters in diameter, take it out, and then start planting according to the seven steps shown in the figure. In this way, one ball can plant the endless Oriental Lily at home

Is the corner of the room very attractive

Please pay attention to me if you like to grow flowers.

Christmastree Plant maintenance tips

The whole pot is empty A few days ago, a flower friend asked floret, can recognize Christmas and blue vegetables. Low temperature will not only delay the flowering period, but also frostbite the branches and leaves, and even make the plants lose activity.

3 tips for triming the branches and leaves of Brazilian Gloxinia

After picking the heart, select 2-3 buds with similar height and appropriate position to leave, so as to ensure the smooth opening of the flower. When the spring is warm and the flowers are blooming, the tubers of Brazilian Gloxinia will sprout, select new buds as needed, and enter a new round of maintenance and trimming.