6 tips for Oriental Lily planting and maintenance

Oriental Lily has a variety of colors, and the main color is red and pink. Its petals are free of impurities, elegant and beautiful in shape. Oriental Lily is not only beautiful in appearance, but also exudes a light fragrance, which is very suitable for being placed at home. Let’s talk about the maintenance methods of Oriental Lily

Oriental Lily’s language of flowers is “great pure love”

Oriental Lily prefers deep and fertile soil, not hard and sticky soil, but slightly acidic soil with good drainage

When watering, pay attention to keep the soil moist. Oriental Lily prefers cool and humid environment. The place with sufficient sunlight is more suitable for Lily. Avoid drought

1.Fear of freezing

The flowering temperature of Oriental Lily was 16-24 ℃, and the growth almost stopped when it was lower than 5 ℃ or higher than 30 ℃. The plants grew normally when the temperature was above 10 ℃

2.Oriental Lily reproduction

Oriental Lily can cut off all the roots after the flower has withered to reduce the large amount of nutrient consumption. If you want to make the seed ball bigger, you should apply fertilizer to supplement nutrients. After about a month, dig out the ball and carry the soil. It is best to cut off the fibrous roots and refrigerate for a week. After breaking the dormancy, it can be planted again.

3.But the quality of the flowers will decline

Prepare the pot and soil, put a small amount of soil at the bottom of the pot, take out the cold treated seed ball, and put the bud tip outward in triangle shape

Oriental Lily prefers deep and fertile soil to slightly acidic soil with good drainage

This period of time watering attention to ensure that the soil is moist, watering should not be too much, in order to avoid the flower bulb erosion

After half a month, the bulbs grow out, and from then on, the need for fertilizer is relatively large. The temperature is 16-24 ℃

4.One month status,

Potted lilies have different requirements for light in different growth stages. It is best to shade it when it is budding. It can also be properly shaded in summer when the temperature is too high. In addition, strong light can be provided in the growth stage, especially when the flower enters the development stage.

Two months state, at this time, fertilizer and water must keep up, fertilizer is not enough on the bud will be less, water is not enough on the defoliation, affecting the high beauty of the tree type

5.March state

On the right side of the above picture, the bottom leaves fall off due to water shortage

6.The second method

Put the broken petals dropped from the seed ball into the soil, cover it with soil, and hand in water until the pot soil is wet, and then place it in the place with suitable temperature

Many small Oriental lily bulbs will grow in about 20 days. It will take more than half a year to grow into big ones that can blossom

When the bulb is about two to three centimeters in diameter, take it out, and then start planting according to the seven steps shown in the figure. In this way, one ball can plant the endless Oriental Lily at home

Is the corner of the room very attractive

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